Buy apartment without SWD: how to do?

The purchase of an apartment without having a permanent contract is not always obvious, because banks necessarily require strong guarantees on the repayment of debts. Here’s how to get financing and buy an apartment without having a permanent contract.

SWF: a requirement of the banks

CDI: a requirement of the banks

The SWF is a contract of indefinite duration, so it is reassuring on the simple fact that a consumer can repay charges of credits. However, this can not ensure that an employee will have a job for life, various events (economic, evolution) can lead to an end of contract. However, the banks rely mainly on the SWF and the policyholder contract to provide finance under the mortgage loan. A contract term that is less than a credit term will often be considered uninsuring to the lender.

As a result, having a fixed-term contract and undertaking an apartment purchase project will systematically lead to a request for refusal, but it is possible to circumvent these difficulties by resorting to specific financial mechanisms, that is to say having a very large contribution, solicit loans between individuals or borrow with a co-borrower on a permanent contract.

Buy an apartment without having a SWF

Buy an apartment without having a CDI

The purchase of an apartment is undeniably linked to the contract of SWF or holder but this investment can take place if the borrower who is currently on fixed term decides to borrow with a co-borrower, on a permanent contract. This makes it possible to give the file more weight and especially to provide guarantees on the repayment of the funds that will be granted, the presence of the SWF allows to reassure the bank and to maximize the chances of financing.

However, to borrow from two implies to be in solidarity with the debt but also to have a common property right, the co-borrower will also be the co-owner, a project that is reflected, whether as part of a concubinage, marriage or any other situation where the loan can be made to two. If the borrower can make a large personal contribution, resulting from a previous resale or savings resulting from several years, it is necessary to ask a feasibility to the banks to ensure the possibilities of financing. Loan between individuals remains the last alternative but can be considered only in case of moderate amount, of the order of a few thousand euros.

Simulate an online apartment purchase

Simulate an online apartment purchase

You have targeted an apartment and you have the purchase amount? In this case it is possible to apply for a loan online, the idea is simply to check the feasibility of the project given its financial situation. A borrower on fixed term contract will have to provide guarantees and the best remains to borrow with a SWF, as a co-borrower. The simulation will make it possible to obtain loan offers adjusted to the desired amount, with the possibility of comparing them, whether in terms of duration, rate or monthly payment. Finally, this approach is free and without commitment, it can be quickly set on his investment project in an apartment.